Arch Viz - navigate, manipulate,
& capture 3D environments in real time

The idea for Arch Interactive sparked from fellow designers and architects wanting a packaged executable 3D scene to showcase to clients. The built in interface allows users to navigate the scene, edit materials, adjust camera settings, and take high-resolution pictures for ads, portfolios, etc.

File Under:

Showcase . Interactive Design

Joe Titterton / Digital Media Specialist



Software Use
AutoCAD Floor Plans/Layout
3DS Max Models
Photoshop/Substance Textures
Unreal Engine 4 Interrface Creation & Scene Assembly

Time Table
12 Weeks

Task Time
CAD Drawings 4 Weeks
Modeling 2 Weeks
Textures 2 Weeks
Scene & Interface 4 Weeks

First and second floor plans for the flat were drawn up in AutoCAD.

Prop models were created in Maya, and textures using a PBR workflow with Substance and Unreal Engine 4.