Abandoned House - a dive
into 3D modeling and texturing

During my stay in Savannah I gained an appreciation for the houses and architecture that comprised the city. The Victorian and Colonial styles of generations past transported you to the time periods in which they were constructed. Every now and then walking down the streets an abandoned house would emerge that had remained previously unseen. I couldn’t help but stop and look at each one, observing nature slowly reclaiming the land in which it had previously flourished. The weather stained wood, boarded up windows, and peeling paint had some destitute beauty about them. As a project, I decided to try and capture the feel and texture of one through a 3D model.

File Under:

Showcase . Interactive Design

Joe Titterton / Digital Media Specialist



Software Use
Illustrator Model Sheets / Layouts
3DS Max Modeling
UV Layout UVs
Photoshop Texturing / UVs
Marmoset Toolbag Final Screenshots

Time Table
8 Weeks

Task Time
Model Sheets / Layouts 2 Days
Modeling 2 Weeks
UVs / Texturing 5 Weeks
Final Scene Setup 3 Days
Final Renders & Presentation 2 Days

The goal of this project was to really dive into 3D modeling and texturing, I wanted the end result to be a realistic polished piece. After gathering numerous amounts of reference photos from around Savannah I picked my favorite parts from several of the abandoned houses. I them composited them into model sheets, keeping in mind my timeframe.

The build up of this model was in four stages starting first with the basic frame and roof structure. Next walls, windows, doors, roof planking and tiles were added, it is here where the house really begins to take form. In the third stage I added the porches, molding, and holders on. To finish the model off roof tiling, and window boards were put in to increase depth and take it to the next level.

I sourced my textures by gathering a library of high resolution paint, wood, roof, and brick photographs from several old houses in Savannah. I used Photoshop for texturing compositing and Headus for unwrapping / UV layout.