Cypress Swamp
Inspired by a visit to the
Congaree National Forest

After visiting Congaree National Park, an old growth forest filled with some of tallest Cypress, Loblolly Pine, and Oak trees in the world I immediately wanted to base one of projects off the environment. Having started to dive more into Unreal Engine I wanted to try and capture the surroundings and emotions of the environment in a scene.

File Under:

Showcase . Interactive Design

Joe Titterton / Digital Media Specialist



Software Use
AutoCAD Model Sheets / Layouts
3DS Max Modeling
UV Layout UVs
Substance Texturing
Photoshop Texturing / UVs
Unreal Engine 4 Scene Assembly

Time Table
12 Weeks

Task Time
Model Sheets / Layouts 1 Week
Modeling 4 Weeks
UVs 2 Weeks
Texturing 2 Weeks
Final Scene Setup 2 Weeks
Screenshots 1 Week

Prop models were created in Maya, and textures using a PBR workflow with Substance and Unreal Engine 4.